Friday, 24 October 2008

WI result and mad animals

Well, I managed to stick to Kickstart for the week, and it paid off! I lost 3lbs, which took me to my 10% award and my 2nd stone. I am so happy! I'm losing an average of 2lbs a week, which is a nice, steady, sustainable weightloss. I feel so much better, I've dropped a dress size, and I'm regaining my confidence.

28lbs gone forever!! So as a reward, I've booked a hair appointment for a complete restyle. So a week tomorrow, I'll have completely new hair - from long mop, to short, funky, bob. And Glenn's taking me shopping tomorrow so I can get a new outfit! Thank God for that small windfall we got this week!

Animals are as mad as ever.

Dawson was sitting on the shed roof this morning. In the rain. Looking miserable. Hoping the neighbours would call the RSPCA on me for being so cruel as to make her go outside (I didn't, she chose to!). Actually, I think she was waiting for the ivy mice to run into her mouth (I'm sure there are mice living in the ivy, but she catches them before I see them).

Rosie actually wanted cuddles this week - 3 mornings in a row, she's wanted to be picked up and cuddled. At least until the spaniel opposite came out for a run about, then she wanted to glare at him and wag her tail. I'm convinced she's a puppy cross kitten. She steals things - keys, phones, glasses, tissues, receipts. Anything she can get in her mouth, she runs off with and hides in her cuddle coil. Oh well, I suppose we know where to look....

Rana wrecked her light stable rug last week, so I had to go shopping for a new one. Somehow, she'd pulled it off her rug rail, stamped on it, made holes in it, and pooed on it. Delightful pony. Fortunately I managed to find a new one, same make, in last years colours, for only £15! Bargain. Pics will follow.

We've had Psycho Rana twice this week. Both times I've been "late" (by 15 minutes) and she's been the last one left in the field (no big deal, there are horses in the fields next door). She's been running round like an idiot, leaping all over the place, and generally acting like a 4 year old. Very silly, and she got told off for leaping too close to me. I know she's not vicious, but she's still 520kg of horse!

Off to nurse my sore neck now (yep, a Rana related injury from her spooking at a small boy going for a walk along the footpath with his father).

Sorry for ultra long post, I know I get carried away!

Kate x

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mullmag said...

Well congratulations on 2 achievements, the 10 per cent and the second stone! New outfit and new haircut will certainly be very much deserved.

Do you want me to call the RSPCA about Dawson and does Rosie just hoard stolen things or does she play with them?

Still undecided about joining WW online - maybe after Xmas, Twixmas and Hogmanay. Winter is very long on this Scottish Island.