Monday, 6 October 2008

A good weekend....rain aside

Well, I was very good this weekend - for a change! I stayed within my points on both days, and avoided the weekend Munchies that I always suffer from.

Had a nice Saturday morning at the stables, changing Rana's bedding (she's back on straw due to the credit crunch, as I can't afford the more expensive shavings). She's now got a lovely cosy bed. Of course, she had to start eating it as soon as she went in, but that's Rana for you. Give her expensive hay to eat, she ignores it and eats the cheap straw! Horses, eh?

Spent some time chilling out in the afternoon, catching up on some household chores and watching old re-runs of Third Watch (my guilty secret lol).

Sent Glenn off in the evening, to get me the Sex and the City DVD which I've wanted for ages (and he secretly also wanted to watch lol). He came back with my fave WW dessert - Caramel Crunch mmmmmm. Fortunately I had some points saved for some evening snacking so I could "afford" it.

Sadly, Sunday was a wash out. I wanted to get in my garden and do some weeding, pruning, and feeding, in preparation for the winter. It rained all day! So once again, my garden didn't get done, and I got soaked looking after Rana.

We've also given in and put the heating on, so at least the house is lovely and warm. The cats are loving it!

We bought Rosie some new toys this weekend. A fabric ball with a pretend tail, which she played with for ages until Dawson stole it. Rosie nicked it back though, and they seem to be sharing it. We also got her a "cuddle coil" which is sort of like a closed tunnel. They're supposed to sleep in it. Well we knew Rosie wouldn't! She likes to take all her toys in there with her (it's better than behind the washing machine where her other "stash" is!), and hide at the back waiting for Dawson to walk past, so she can fly out and bash her one. Oh well, not it's intended purpose, but at least it's a hit with her!

More news soon
Kate x

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