Tuesday, 28 October 2008


....A hot affair....With your partner.

We bought this Adult board game, and I'd like to recommend it to anyone who wants to spice up their relationship.

The details don't belong here of course, but basically there are 3 levels and you go twice round the board at each level, picking up cards and landing on squares. On the 1st level, it's a bit like dating. You have to ask each other questions and if you land on a kiss square, you get a peck on the cheek. Then it builds up over the other levels til you get a full on snog when you land on a kiss square, and the questions become more....suggestive, let's say.

Anyway, I shan't elaborate any more. Suffice to say that we had a good giggle and I think relationship counsellors everywhere should give you this game to play!!

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Fat4Now said...

ty for award
can't really forward it as im linking the same people as those before me :)

Have added your blog to links too
gl with the journey and have fun with your new game :)