Friday, 31 October 2008

WI result - still in shock

Well I was (as usual) worrying over nothing.

I stepped on the scales last night, not feeling very confident. So when the scales read 16.12, I thought I was dreaming! That's a 3lb loss. Even after my mis-pointed takeaway and lunch out.

I'm still not entirely sure how I lost 3lbs, but I'm happy with it!! And I'm really pleased to be back in the 16's for the first time in 2 years. Who would have thought that this time last year, I was considering weight loss surgery? So much easier (and less painful) to do WeightWatchers!

Unfortunately it does mean that I've now lost another daily point :o( Still, 25 is reasonably easy to stick to, it's only a problem if I want to save 4 points for a treat (like I am today). I'm starving!!!!

Rosie has been having great fun playing with the cotton wool pads over the past couple of days. Fortunately I manage to take them off her before she eats them. She stole Glenn's glasses last night, which was quite funny when he started looking for them lol.

Dawson has been out for a whole 10 minutes since yesterday morning. I even tried carrying her out with me this morning, but she scratched me and ran upstairs. I think she likes staying in and playing with Rosie - lots of rough and tumble as she's teaching Rosie to fight. I don't think Rosie needs much teaching....

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Rosie has excelled herself....

this morning.

At 5.30am, I straightened her cuddle coil and wedged it back in it's normal place so she can whizz in and out of it like an idiot. By 7.30am, it was collapsed and under the stairs (about 10 feet away from where it should be). Honestly! It's 3 times the size of her. How on earth did she get it under the stairs??

She has also stolen 2 post it notes with phone numbers on, and hidden them somewhere, and brought my packet of sugar free mints down from my dressing table, to the dining room floor. Why??

Rosie and Dawson played Racetrack last night. This is a good game which involves chasing each other up and down the stairs and on and off the bed, giving the neighbours the impression that we have a herd of elephants living in the house.

Rana's been snuggled up in her heavy rugs for the last few days, as it's been so cold. She's even had her leg warmers on! Bless her, she doesn't like staying in the field all day any more - she wants to come in again by lunchtime, and I don't get there til 4pm. Still, at least I get a lovely greeting from her, with lots of neighing, and most days a bit of bouncing round and showing off to her field mate. I think she's secretly proud that she's the first one to get to the field, and the first one to come in again.

Fingers crossed for WI tonight. Sneak Preview on the home scales is showing a 2lb loss, but I'm just not convinced. I don't feel as though I've lost. Still, I'll wait and see what the WW scales say. Going to the 5.30 meeting today, as 7pm is a bit too late really. Hope it doesn't make a difference!!!

AAARGH, I've just made myself really nervous now. I'm going to WI an hour and a half earlier, so I might weigh differently. Gah! Oh well, I'll have to weight and see (sorry, couldn't resist that pun - terrible I know!).

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


....A hot affair....With your partner.

We bought this Adult board game, and I'd like to recommend it to anyone who wants to spice up their relationship.

The details don't belong here of course, but basically there are 3 levels and you go twice round the board at each level, picking up cards and landing on squares. On the 1st level, it's a bit like dating. You have to ask each other questions and if you land on a kiss square, you get a peck on the cheek. Then it builds up over the other levels til you get a full on snog when you land on a kiss square, and the questions become more....suggestive, let's say.

Anyway, I shan't elaborate any more. Suffice to say that we had a good giggle and I think relationship counsellors everywhere should give you this game to play!!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Silly Glenn!

Well after having had a moan at Glenn about leaving empty hangers in the wardrobe (his response was that he has "special" hangers for certain clothes....hmmm...ok, but I hang them up and don't use the "special" hangers....), he came up with a great one the other night.

At our meeting on Thursday, we were asked to think about what fruit or veg we're most like. I decided I was most like a pear (cos I'm pear shaped). Glenn thought for a while, before announcing that he's like a coconut. "Oh", I said, "Round and hairy" (well I thought it was funny!). He replied "No! Because I'm tough on the outside but soft in the middle".

To demonstrate how much weight I've lost, I bought a pair of size 26 jeans, shortly after starting WW. They fitted reasonably comfortably, if slightly loose. Glenn decided to show me exactly how much I've lost, while I was wearing them. With me in my jeans, he added both his arms down 1 leg of them! I suppose you had to be there.

Animal update

More of the usual with the pets.

Over-ordered Rana's straw again, so she had a huge bed. She was perched precariously on the edge looking nervous, but acutally enjoyed being higher up and being able to see more from over the door (she has a high door to keep the draughts out). For any non-horsey people reading, don't worry, she wasn't in any danger of falling out of bed!

Rosie was frightened by the fireworks, but hid behind the washing machine until they'd stopped. Dawson couldn't care less of course!

Soggy Moggy Dawson had to be dried yesterday morning. I was out, so Glenn did the honours. He managed to dry her body, but wasn't brave enough to tackle the paws. So now I have to change the bed again after she dried them on the duvet cover. Lovely...

A good shopping trip

Well, I've booked my hair appointment for next Saturday. Going for a short bob which is short short at the back, but chin length at the front, so it still frames my face. Very modern, very funky, very texturised.

Also, Glenn took me shopping this weekend, as a reward for losing both 10% and 2 stone (he's also since admitted he snuck off to buy a new X-box game as his reward for losing 3 stone, so he felt guilty that I hadn't bought anything!).

I bought loads! 2 new pairs of jeans, which fit! (I've been in my baggy 26's for too long now) Wearing my size 24's at the moment, and also bought a pair of size 22's, which go on but leave bulges in odd places. They'll be ok in 7-10lbs though, and they were on offer.

Also, a sort of dark turquiose blue lightweight jumper (I'm sure there's a technical description of the colour!), and a silver and black satin-y blouse.

To finish off the outfit, a pair of ankle length brown leather boots - sort of a light brown leather (not tan), with a faux wooden heel. Very comfy, and not too high that I'm pottering round in them. And a matching belt, which I wear over my baggy tops to pull them in round my waist lol.

I look good, I feel good, what more to say?

Friday, 24 October 2008

WI result and mad animals

Well, I managed to stick to Kickstart for the week, and it paid off! I lost 3lbs, which took me to my 10% award and my 2nd stone. I am so happy! I'm losing an average of 2lbs a week, which is a nice, steady, sustainable weightloss. I feel so much better, I've dropped a dress size, and I'm regaining my confidence.

28lbs gone forever!! So as a reward, I've booked a hair appointment for a complete restyle. So a week tomorrow, I'll have completely new hair - from long mop, to short, funky, bob. And Glenn's taking me shopping tomorrow so I can get a new outfit! Thank God for that small windfall we got this week!

Animals are as mad as ever.

Dawson was sitting on the shed roof this morning. In the rain. Looking miserable. Hoping the neighbours would call the RSPCA on me for being so cruel as to make her go outside (I didn't, she chose to!). Actually, I think she was waiting for the ivy mice to run into her mouth (I'm sure there are mice living in the ivy, but she catches them before I see them).

Rosie actually wanted cuddles this week - 3 mornings in a row, she's wanted to be picked up and cuddled. At least until the spaniel opposite came out for a run about, then she wanted to glare at him and wag her tail. I'm convinced she's a puppy cross kitten. She steals things - keys, phones, glasses, tissues, receipts. Anything she can get in her mouth, she runs off with and hides in her cuddle coil. Oh well, I suppose we know where to look....

Rana wrecked her light stable rug last week, so I had to go shopping for a new one. Somehow, she'd pulled it off her rug rail, stamped on it, made holes in it, and pooed on it. Delightful pony. Fortunately I managed to find a new one, same make, in last years colours, for only £15! Bargain. Pics will follow.

We've had Psycho Rana twice this week. Both times I've been "late" (by 15 minutes) and she's been the last one left in the field (no big deal, there are horses in the fields next door). She's been running round like an idiot, leaping all over the place, and generally acting like a 4 year old. Very silly, and she got told off for leaping too close to me. I know she's not vicious, but she's still 520kg of horse!

Off to nurse my sore neck now (yep, a Rana related injury from her spooking at a small boy going for a walk along the footpath with his father).

Sorry for ultra long post, I know I get carried away!

Kate x

Thursday, 23 October 2008

"I Love Your Blog" Award

Thanks to Bryher at for sending me this award. I was chuffed to bits when I read your comment!

Here are the rules:
  1. The nominated is allowed to put the picture on their blogs.
  2. Link to the person who awarded you.
  3. Nominate seven other people and link to them.
  4. Leave a message on those people's blog to make them aware that they're nominated.

Here are my nominations (in no particular order):

  1. Spyfox -
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I hope my links sometimes defeats me....

Kate x

Monday, 20 October 2008

Sorry for ultra long post before...

Got a bit carried away with my NSV's there!

So, a quick animal update...

Rana is as nutty as ever and spent 10 minutes galloping round the field and fly bucking on Thursday night. I don't know why, but it's any excuse with Rana. Eventually she calmed down and let me catch her, then bounced all the way into the stable. Amazing how she can look like that on Thursday, but by Sunday look really old again. Still, as long as she's having her good days!

Dawson is still being silly about going out. She lost her name tag from her collar today. At least she didn't lose the whole collar this time, and she even left her name tag on the landing where I could find it. How she lost it I don't know!

Rosie is still alternating between purry purry cute cute and wanting fuss, and thinking I'm a mouse to be killed and eaten. My hands are very scratched again! She also keeps sitting on the window sill, looking out over the front garden and the close we live on. This isn't particularly unusual, but she keeps making chirruping noises. I don't really know how to describe them. It's not a miaow, it's not a purr, it's not even a cross between the two. It's just a little chirrup. Very cute, and she sits there for 10 minutes chatting away to nothing, then comes bouncing over for fuss. Strange kitten...

A wardrobe NSV! x2

Getting ready to go out for lunch on Saturday, I went to put on my usual size 26 jeans, and looked at them in sheer disgust. I no longer need to undo them to take them off/put them on. It's getting silly now. So I decided to try on my size 24's. See my earlier rant re. dress sizing! Shock, horror! They actually fit! They are a little bit tight, but comfy enough to wear for a few hours. Decided to investigate the wardrobe for something to go with them, and came across a size 26 shirt that I'd bought online and forgotten to return. It's one of those that's REALLY fitted, skin tight sort of fit, which is just not flattering on me. But I tried it on, and that fits too! It's tight, but only in the right places, if you see what I mean. So I went out feeling fab!

Following on from that, I decided to clear out my wardrobe this weekend, throwing away all the clothes that drown me.

I started WW at a size 26. I was throwing away some size 24 trousers!!!! They were so big I could get them on and off without undoing them lol.

Not only that, but....I tried on some of my smaller clothes.....and.....

I can get into (but not move in lol) my size 20 jeans. I threw away my 22 linen trousers, because they fit now and will drown me by next summer. I can get into my size 20 skirt.

But, the best of all....I can fit into my wedding outfit from 3 years ago!!!!! I am so happy!!!!! Admittedly it is a smidge tight and not very flattering, but at least it goes on and does up. It's a size 20 skirt and 22 top, from Monsoon. So I reckon in another stone or so, it'll fit perfectly and I'll be back to the weight I was when we got married.

I think that's a pretty good milestone :o) (if slightly depressing because I thought I was 14st when we got married and I was obviously heavier lol)

The trouble is, now I have no idea what size I am...24 jeans are a smidge too small (ok to wear for a couple of hours, too tight for a full day). 26 jeans are far too big. 24 top seems about right, depending on the cut/fit (22 if baggy, 26 if very fitted). But bottoms wise, who knows? Guess I'll have to stop shopping online and start trying on clothes in shops before I buy them :o)

Friday, 17 October 2008

I did it!

Well, after all that agonising and stressing about WI last night, I lost 1.5lbs!! Seriously, I'm not too sure how, as I had a really bad week (within points, but still on the naughty side!).

So that's now 25lbs gone forever. I know it isn't a WW recognised mini goal, but it is for me. 25lbs gone, another 109 to go!

It also leaves me only 2lbs to go for my 10% award. I'm going to do Kickstart for a week, and hopefully get that next week. Fingers crossed please. I've got lunch out with my Gran this weekend, so I know I'm going to have 1 day over points. Not a good start is it?

Thanks everyone who's posted comments on my other posts :o)

Kate xx

Thursday, 16 October 2008

WW 5+ Challenge

I have recently taken over one of the Christmas challenges (I can't remember what it was called, if it ever had a name!). I think because we've been communicating by email, it largely went unnoticed on the 5+ boards.

Anyway, I've taken over from Ursula, and if you'd like to join, just drop me an email with your name, the amount you'd like to lose by Christmas, and your WI day. I'll send out a weekly summary email/spreadsheet, and we can all keep each other motivated!

Good luck for WI's this week
Kate x

The animals have gone mad

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, been a bit busy at work (for a change!).

So, WI tonight, and I'm feeling a little nervous. I've had a very nibbly week and just feel as though I've put on. So I'll let you know tomorrow morning....

For some reason all of the animals have been a bit strange this week. I blame the weather.

Rana was very upset with me on Saturday, as I was 2 hours late! I usually get there at 6.20am, I arrived at 8.20am. How dare I want a weekend lie in? I then stopped to talk to someone on the way to the field. She was walking circles, pushing me, and scraping the ground (she NEVER does this!). When I let her go, she galloped and leapt round the field, snorting at horse eating monsters and looking like a fire breathing dragon. She was then equally upset this morning because someone had put the outside light on, which was shining on the gate to her field. As it's dark when I put her out, it was very noticeable and she was not happy about it. Much bouncing around snorting later, she was safely in the field and my nerves were shot to s***.

Dawson is refusing to go out this week. She's like the sabre tooth tiger from the Flintstones credits (remember that??). I push her out of the door with my toe (gently I must add!), she comes straight in the cat flap 30 seconds later. Honestly. You wouldn't think she was ever a farm cat! She's also been extra affectionate and wants cuddles with Glenn, then comes to me to sleep on my lap. It's cute, but she's a BIG cat and rather heavy when she's asleep like a dead weight.

Rosie has perhaps been the strangest. Having attacked me, drawing copious amounts of blood, she seems to have had a personality change. She's been asleep round my head most nights (cute but a bit hot). She also sat on my head and did a meerkat impression trying to attack a cobweb on the ceiling (*mental note - must remove cobweb*). This morning, she wanted cuddles. Actual be picked up and have fuss sort of cuddles. Very unusual for her, as most of the time she thinks I'm a mouse to be pounced on and killed. She's also been driving Glenn mad by drinking water out of his glass so he has to get himself a fresh drink. Personally I find it funny. I think Rosie is obsessed with water, as she also likes to sit in the bathroom sink, catching drips out of the tap and waiting for you to turn the tap on so she can play with the water. Mad kitten.

Oh well, best do some work. Please send good luck vibes for WI tonight....can feel butterflies in my tummy, wait...It's lunchtime and I'm hungry!!

Kate x

Friday, 10 October 2008

This week's weigh in

Well I went off to WI yesterday, feeling less than confident. I didn't think I'd lost anything at all.

So when I stepped on the scales to see a 1.5lb loss, I was happy!

Now I only have another 1.5lbs to go to get my 25lbs, and 3.5lb to get my 10% award. I can't wait! I'm hoping to get my 25lb next week, and my 10% the week after. Going to try really hard, point and track everything, and maybe cut down a couple of points a day (I have PCOS, and I don't lose if I use all my points every day).

So wish me luck for this week please!

Kate x

Monday, 6 October 2008

Dress sizes - a mini rant

Sorry about the extra long post below - got a bit carried away. Strange, considering I haven't done much all weekend!

Anyway, I wanted to have a moan. Just a little one, promise.

When I started WW, I was in a comfortable size 26. My clothes fitted me, without being too tight. Now, they're falling off me (woohoo!).

I can now wear my size 24 trousers, my size 24 tops, and my size 26 knickers keep falling down inside my trousers lol.

But my size 26 jeans are now 4 inches too big, and I keep hoiking them up every time I walk around. I wear them for work as well as going out, so this is becoming a problem.

So here's the moan....why, why, WHY? can I not fit into the size 24 jeans I bought myself?!?! I refuse to take them back because I know they will fit soon, but I can't even get into them, let alone do them up. They're from the same shop (Evans), so you'd think the sizing would be comparable. But they just don't fit.

Ok, rant over. I know why really - my size 26 jeans are cut to fit at the waist. The size 24 jeans are cut to sit on the hips. I've lost most of my 22lbs from my waist, but still holding it all round my hips.

Best get shopping for some jeans with the same cut as my others lol. That might solve the problem.

Kate x

A good weekend....rain aside

Well, I was very good this weekend - for a change! I stayed within my points on both days, and avoided the weekend Munchies that I always suffer from.

Had a nice Saturday morning at the stables, changing Rana's bedding (she's back on straw due to the credit crunch, as I can't afford the more expensive shavings). She's now got a lovely cosy bed. Of course, she had to start eating it as soon as she went in, but that's Rana for you. Give her expensive hay to eat, she ignores it and eats the cheap straw! Horses, eh?

Spent some time chilling out in the afternoon, catching up on some household chores and watching old re-runs of Third Watch (my guilty secret lol).

Sent Glenn off in the evening, to get me the Sex and the City DVD which I've wanted for ages (and he secretly also wanted to watch lol). He came back with my fave WW dessert - Caramel Crunch mmmmmm. Fortunately I had some points saved for some evening snacking so I could "afford" it.

Sadly, Sunday was a wash out. I wanted to get in my garden and do some weeding, pruning, and feeding, in preparation for the winter. It rained all day! So once again, my garden didn't get done, and I got soaked looking after Rana.

We've also given in and put the heating on, so at least the house is lovely and warm. The cats are loving it!

We bought Rosie some new toys this weekend. A fabric ball with a pretend tail, which she played with for ages until Dawson stole it. Rosie nicked it back though, and they seem to be sharing it. We also got her a "cuddle coil" which is sort of like a closed tunnel. They're supposed to sleep in it. Well we knew Rosie wouldn't! She likes to take all her toys in there with her (it's better than behind the washing machine where her other "stash" is!), and hide at the back waiting for Dawson to walk past, so she can fly out and bash her one. Oh well, not it's intended purpose, but at least it's a hit with her!

More news soon
Kate x

Friday, 3 October 2008

Weigh In result

Well, after a lovely week away with too much good food and far too much of Mum's Home Cooking, I was dreading Weigh In last night.

By some miracle though, I lost a pound!

Now, that may not seem like a lot, but given the fact we ate out 3 times, had large helpings of dinner, and had 3 take aways, I am pretty chuffed.

Looks like the 6 mile hike (including a cliff climb!) really helped.

So we rewarded ourselves with a Domino's last night (I know, it seems silly, but it's a weekly "tradition" now) and I'm well and truly back on track today.

Wish me luck for this week!
Kate x

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Some pics

Thought some of you might like to see some piccies...not many of me I'm afraid, I avoid the camera! I will do some update pics soon though....

Our wedding day

Dawson, our older cat

Rosie the kitten (she's grown since, but no new pics on this computer)

Rana, my old girl

Hope this isn't too much of an overload!!

Kate x

My first blog

Well, firstly, welcome to my blog. I hope you'll be patient with me, as I have no idea what I'm doing!

So, a bit about me...My name is Kate, I'm 28 and live with my husband Glenn. We have 2 cats, Rosie and Dawson, and a horse, Rana. I love wildlife, all animals (but especially horses and cats), and enjoy gardening, reading, interior design, walking and have a love of food.

Which leads me on to why I'm here. I'm a WeightWatcher. I've set up this blog primarily so I can keep you all posted on my weightloss, and hopefully inspire other WeightWatchers during their journey too.

Of course there will also be the inevitable rambling about what the Mad Katz and the Madder Horse have been up to, which often makes amusing reading (perhaps later I'll recount the Tomato Soup Incident that Rosie had).

So...weightloss. Well, I've been overweight all my life, and have tried WW before - losing over 4 stones in 8-9 months. Unfortunately I put it all back on, and more! My heaviest was 19st 1lb. Eeek! That scared me.

So far, I've lost 21lbs, 1 1/2 stone. At least I had until I went on holiday last week. I weigh in tonight, so check back tomorrow to see what the damage is!!

Off to find some pics to put on here....

Kate x