Monday, 20 October 2008

A wardrobe NSV! x2

Getting ready to go out for lunch on Saturday, I went to put on my usual size 26 jeans, and looked at them in sheer disgust. I no longer need to undo them to take them off/put them on. It's getting silly now. So I decided to try on my size 24's. See my earlier rant re. dress sizing! Shock, horror! They actually fit! They are a little bit tight, but comfy enough to wear for a few hours. Decided to investigate the wardrobe for something to go with them, and came across a size 26 shirt that I'd bought online and forgotten to return. It's one of those that's REALLY fitted, skin tight sort of fit, which is just not flattering on me. But I tried it on, and that fits too! It's tight, but only in the right places, if you see what I mean. So I went out feeling fab!

Following on from that, I decided to clear out my wardrobe this weekend, throwing away all the clothes that drown me.

I started WW at a size 26. I was throwing away some size 24 trousers!!!! They were so big I could get them on and off without undoing them lol.

Not only that, but....I tried on some of my smaller clothes.....and.....

I can get into (but not move in lol) my size 20 jeans. I threw away my 22 linen trousers, because they fit now and will drown me by next summer. I can get into my size 20 skirt.

But, the best of all....I can fit into my wedding outfit from 3 years ago!!!!! I am so happy!!!!! Admittedly it is a smidge tight and not very flattering, but at least it goes on and does up. It's a size 20 skirt and 22 top, from Monsoon. So I reckon in another stone or so, it'll fit perfectly and I'll be back to the weight I was when we got married.

I think that's a pretty good milestone :o) (if slightly depressing because I thought I was 14st when we got married and I was obviously heavier lol)

The trouble is, now I have no idea what size I am...24 jeans are a smidge too small (ok to wear for a couple of hours, too tight for a full day). 26 jeans are far too big. 24 top seems about right, depending on the cut/fit (22 if baggy, 26 if very fitted). But bottoms wise, who knows? Guess I'll have to stop shopping online and start trying on clothes in shops before I buy them :o)

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