Monday, 6 October 2008

Dress sizes - a mini rant

Sorry about the extra long post below - got a bit carried away. Strange, considering I haven't done much all weekend!

Anyway, I wanted to have a moan. Just a little one, promise.

When I started WW, I was in a comfortable size 26. My clothes fitted me, without being too tight. Now, they're falling off me (woohoo!).

I can now wear my size 24 trousers, my size 24 tops, and my size 26 knickers keep falling down inside my trousers lol.

But my size 26 jeans are now 4 inches too big, and I keep hoiking them up every time I walk around. I wear them for work as well as going out, so this is becoming a problem.

So here's the moan....why, why, WHY? can I not fit into the size 24 jeans I bought myself?!?! I refuse to take them back because I know they will fit soon, but I can't even get into them, let alone do them up. They're from the same shop (Evans), so you'd think the sizing would be comparable. But they just don't fit.

Ok, rant over. I know why really - my size 26 jeans are cut to fit at the waist. The size 24 jeans are cut to sit on the hips. I've lost most of my 22lbs from my waist, but still holding it all round my hips.

Best get shopping for some jeans with the same cut as my others lol. That might solve the problem.

Kate x

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