Friday, 24 April 2009

Into the 14's

Weigh In again last night. It was a nightmare! We have a new leader, and everything was different. I arrived at 5.20 for a 5.30 meeting and finally got weighed at 5.50! Queueing everywhere, 1 person weighing, and the leader running round like a headless chicken. Awful. Apparently it was something WW have decided to do - they reckon that people don't mind waiting to be weighed, but hate waiting to pay for the meeting. Well that may be, but when the queue is out of the hall, out of the door, and half way across the car park, do they REALLY think people are going to wait? I'll be interested to see if this really is a WW thing, or if it was just the new leader. I might have to find a new (quieter!) meeting.

Anyway, at least the result was good - 1.5lbs off. Which takes me (just) into the 14's for the first time in over 4 years. I haven't been this thin/light since Glenn got home from Iraq in 2005. So I'm feeling pretty good right now :o)

The cats are as mad as ever. Rosie keeps winding up next doors dog by sitting on the fence and hissing. Dawson keeps winding up Rosie by pouncing on her and stealing her bit of paper.

Rana is her usual self - she was very excited to come in on Wednesday. I was a bit late, so she had to demonstrate how upset she was by leaping around and showing her feet to her pony field companion. *sigh* She will grow up one day, won't she? She's also being a princess about her feed, and isn't eating much at the moment. I think the grass must be coming through!

Riding lesson this Sunday, so wish me luck. Will update on Monday so you all know I survived *grin*

Have a great WW week!
Kate x

Friday, 17 April 2009

A mini goal reached

Well despite the Easter weekend over-indulgences, I lost 2.5lbs this week - taking my total to 56lbs! (For those who can't do maths, that's 4 stones!!!!) I am very pleased - to say the least. Only another 6 to go!

We went for our riding lesson, and it was brilliant. I rode a nice safe horse called Murphy - he's cool and I want to kidnap him. Did lots of walking and trotting, both with and without stirrups, then did a couple of short canters. Of course we had to go back the following week! I rode Murphy again - no cantering this time, but plenty of work without stirrups. My legs hurt!! Can't go this week, but we're having a 1 hour lesson next week. I will definitely ache after that!

Rana's fine - she jogged in from the field with me last night. Yes, you read that right, I jogged. Not very far admittedly, but still better than walking.

Rosie has been adventuring in the Great Outdoors. She loves it, but she's a total wimp and runs inside at the first sign of trouble.

Dawson is less happy that Rosie's coming out - it means she doesn't have "her space" away from Rosie. They seem to be muddling through though.

Went up to see the musical of Dirty Dancing at the weekend. It was brilliant - if you liked the film, it's well worth going.

So, here's to another good WW week and hoping I can get into the 14's next week - 1.5lbs to go!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Back blogging!

Hi all

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while - been a hectic few weeks!

So, how's things?

Weight loss - I've now lost 54lbs! Got my 50lb certificate, and my 3.5 stones. I fell off the wagon a bit, but had a great week last week - weighed everything and ate every last little point. I lost 3.5lbs in a week! It really helped to go back to basics, and it's given my weight loss a great boost. So, only 2lbs to get my 4th stone - wish me luck for this week.

Rana - her usual self, showing off to the boys and enjoying the spring like weather. She was a bit upset because the air ambulance had to come to the yard 10 days ago, and it landed near her stable (don't worry, the girl who fell off has made a full recovery). Rana is one of only 3 horses who could see the helicopter land from her stable and she found it rather exciting.

Dawson - no change there, she's just pottering along, being Dawson. She's now eating the peanuts I put out for the birds. It's more to do with her pathetic ploy of trying to get the neighbours to rescue her, because obviously she's starving and I don't look after her. *sigh*

Rosie - she went in to be spayed a couple of weeks ago, and had her stitches out this week. She was very pleased to get the lampshade collar off her head (although she did have fun knocking things over with it...3 broken glasses later...). She's still as mad as ever, playing "fetch" with pieces of paper at 3am. She is more affectionate though (no longer a hormonal teenager) which is nice - she came up for cuddles 7 times yesterday evening, which is a record for her!

Glenn - he's plodding on with his weight loss, but I'm catching him up quickly! He needs 1 more lb to get his 5th stone. He's been working late a lot recently, so too many takeaways. He's started swimming every day though, so that should help him a bit.

News - well the big news of the week is that I've now lost enough weight to be able to start riding again! Not on Rana, as she's retired, but I've booked in for a lesson at a nearby riding school. I can't wait! Fingers crossed for Sunday afternoon please - for nice weather, and for the horse I'm riding to behave.

Clothes - well I'm firmly in my 18 jeans now, although they are starting to flap around the legs a bit, so might need a pair of 16's soon. Here's hoping! Most of my tops are getting too big too, and I've lost yet another bra size. That's 2 bra sizes in just over a month. This is getting expensive...

Exercise - well, riding definitely counts as exercise (2 points for a half hour lesson but I think that's an under-estimate!), so I'm increasing my activity levels with that. I'm also walking home for my lunch every day (instead of working through to finish early). It's only 5 mins each way, but every little helps, and I try to do it just a bit quicker every day.

Also found out I'm 2 inches shorter than I thought I was, which isn't really a problem, but it does mean I've had to adjust my goal weight slightly. Only by 7lbs, but still, it seems further away than ever.

Hope you're all well!
Kate x