Friday, 17 April 2009

A mini goal reached

Well despite the Easter weekend over-indulgences, I lost 2.5lbs this week - taking my total to 56lbs! (For those who can't do maths, that's 4 stones!!!!) I am very pleased - to say the least. Only another 6 to go!

We went for our riding lesson, and it was brilliant. I rode a nice safe horse called Murphy - he's cool and I want to kidnap him. Did lots of walking and trotting, both with and without stirrups, then did a couple of short canters. Of course we had to go back the following week! I rode Murphy again - no cantering this time, but plenty of work without stirrups. My legs hurt!! Can't go this week, but we're having a 1 hour lesson next week. I will definitely ache after that!

Rana's fine - she jogged in from the field with me last night. Yes, you read that right, I jogged. Not very far admittedly, but still better than walking.

Rosie has been adventuring in the Great Outdoors. She loves it, but she's a total wimp and runs inside at the first sign of trouble.

Dawson is less happy that Rosie's coming out - it means she doesn't have "her space" away from Rosie. They seem to be muddling through though.

Went up to see the musical of Dirty Dancing at the weekend. It was brilliant - if you liked the film, it's well worth going.

So, here's to another good WW week and hoping I can get into the 14's next week - 1.5lbs to go!

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