Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas!

*To the tune of Happy Birthday*

Happy Christmas to you
Happy Christmas to you
Happy Christmas to everyone
Happy Christmas to you

Hope everyone's all ready for Christmas. We are, except that we can't put presents under the tree because Rosie will eat them/play with them/unwrap them/generally destroy them. Apart from that, we're all ready. Ocado delivered Christmas lunch on Monday evening (where would I be without Ocado?? Probably still trying to find a parking space in Sainsbury's...).

Rana is back to normal, which is a relief because I was beginning to fear for my safety after her bout of leaping all the way in from the field.

Dawson is her usual laid back "bruiser cat" self (I call her Bruiser Cat because if she was a person, she'd be a bouncer!).

Rosie is her usual pesky self. She stole smoked trout off Glenn's plate last night. Ooops. She enjoyed it anyway.

I probably won't post for a while, as I don't tend to use the laptop at home.

So if I don't hear from you before, I shall say Happy New Year as well.

Have a good one
Kate x

Friday, 19 December 2008

I did it!

Well, I managed it! Lost 1.5lbs last night, which was exactly what I needed to get my third stone. 3 stones lost since July. Best Christmas present ever!

Feeling very pleased with myself, and can now go off plan for just a few days without feeling guilty.

It was our anniversary on Wednesday, and Glenn sent me flowers and balloons to the office. It was a lovely surprise. I bought him a personalised bottle of champagne, with our names and the date on.

Cats are as mad as ever. They're off to Granny's today, for the weekend, while we're away. She's looking forward to having them there. She hasn't seen Rosie recently and has no idea of the havoc she's going to cause.

I have found a way of keeping her out of the Christmas tree though - the balloons! She's terrified of them.

Rana has been completely mental this week. She's moved to a different field, and has gone back out with her old friend who she hasn't seen for 3 months (friend was injured and on stable rest). It's all very exciting. Believe me, 500kg of horse leaping all around you while you're leading it in is just not funny. Fortunately she was a little calmer last night, so hopefully she's getting over the excitement of it all.

Helped a policeman with a loose horse this morning. Late for work, but at least horsey was safely back in his field.

In fact, best get on with some work....

If I don't blog before, have a great Christmas everyone, and all the best for 2009!

Kate x

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Last weeks WI

Sorry for not posting sooner, been a bit manic.

I lost 3lbs last week, so only another 1.5lbs to go to get my third stone. REALLY REALLY want to lose this before Christmas (so this week, as I don't WI again until after New Year). Fingers crossed please!

Also, am now wearing my sparkly jeans! Size 20. Haven't worn them for 3 years. That makes 3 dress sizes now. Boy do I feel good!

Kitten is as mad as ever. She's made it to the top of the tree now. 6 feet high. Oh well, it's still standing.

Dawson is still obsessed with the ivy mice, but hasn't caught one yet.

Rana moved fields this morning. That was fun - in the dark and the fog. She's going back out with her old friend Moon (who has sadly been injured for the past 3 months). They got on well before, but a new friend and a field move together is always a bit nervewracking. Can everyone keep fingers crossed that they're ok together.

Away this weekend, to the New Forest, for our 3rd anniversary. I'm looking forward to it. Lovely hotel, beautiful room (we've stayed there before). Far too much good food of course, but hey, it's Christmas time!

My plan for Christmas is:

Friday 19th - Sun 21st - forget WW, got Christmas lunch, then away for the weekend. Build up bonus points by walking in the New Forest
Mon 22nd - Tues 23rd - save 4 points each day
Wed 24th - be good all day, take away in the evening
Christmas day - eat what I like, but have only bought enough treats for the one day
Boxing day - Thurs 8th Jan - back on track and pointing again

I'm hoping for a small loss, or at least to maintain my loss over Christmas.

Hope you're all having a good WW week
Kate x

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Rana in the snow

Sleepy Rosie

Rosie in the tree

Christmas kitten update

One of the reindeers has been destroyed. She chewed its antlers and legs off.

One of the hearts has been destroyed. She chewed it to bits and ate parts of it. Then left it on the bed for me to see. Lovely.

She's pulled off 2 branches, 1 string of tinsel, and all the new felt decorations. She keeps hiding in the tree and bouncing poor Dawson as she walks past.

Now even Dawson is getting involved - playing with the felt decorations, throwing them around, and refusing to go out because indoors is too much fun.

What next???

Weigh in tomorrow and I'm feeling very nervous. I think I had a good week last week, but didn't make it to WI. This week has been a very bad week, but I'm hoping for at least an STS or small loss (I think I might just scrape 1lb off). Not looking good for my Christmas goal though!

Monday, 8 December 2008

The Christmas Kitten

Well, the Christmas tree went up yesterday. A certain small fluffy kitten decided it wasn't a Christmas decoration, it was in fact a kitten activity centre.

She's been having great fun with it. Climbing in it, taking the decorations off etc. Thank God I bought some felt material decorations for the bottom branches! She keeps pulling them off and running around with them in her mouth. I found one in the bedroom this morning. I just hope she doesn't get the glass ones off!

Pics will follow.

Dawson's taking it all in her stride fortunately, as she's far too big to climb up the tree (big bruiser cat that she is).

Rana is a complete tart. She spent saturday morning running round her field because her boyfriend hadn't gone out to the field yet. She doesn't even share a field with him, but he is in the field next door. I think they're in love because they both get put in the field so early in the morning (6.30am-ish). Silly ponies.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Missed WI

Well unfortunately I missed WI last night. Had to help a friend out (long story, best left off this blog!). Hopefully I'll have a really great loss to report next week.

Animals are as mad as ever.

Rana had an indoor day yesterday, as the weather was horrid. Driving rain, 20mph winds and only 1 degree above freezing. She wouldn't have appreciated being out in that. She was very pleased to get out again this morning though, and trotted off across the field to join Dudley (her morning boyfriend).

Dawson is hibernating. She spends most of her time asleep in Rosie's cat bed. She goes out for 10 minutes a day, just to check what the ivy mice are up to. Then it's back in, cuddle up to get warm, then off to bed. Lazy moggy.

Rosie is still mad. She keeps playing with the toilet roll, pulling wallpaper off the walls, getting receipts out of the basket on the shelf and playing with them. She can also now get onto the high windowsill in the bedroom, which is great for lining up a big jump right onto my face. Great way to wake up at 3am.

I love 'em really!!