Monday, 8 December 2008

The Christmas Kitten

Well, the Christmas tree went up yesterday. A certain small fluffy kitten decided it wasn't a Christmas decoration, it was in fact a kitten activity centre.

She's been having great fun with it. Climbing in it, taking the decorations off etc. Thank God I bought some felt material decorations for the bottom branches! She keeps pulling them off and running around with them in her mouth. I found one in the bedroom this morning. I just hope she doesn't get the glass ones off!

Pics will follow.

Dawson's taking it all in her stride fortunately, as she's far too big to climb up the tree (big bruiser cat that she is).

Rana is a complete tart. She spent saturday morning running round her field because her boyfriend hadn't gone out to the field yet. She doesn't even share a field with him, but he is in the field next door. I think they're in love because they both get put in the field so early in the morning (6.30am-ish). Silly ponies.

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Anonymous said...

Cats and Christmas trees are great fun! Mum and dad had a large stairwell in one house and the tree went down the middle of it (you decorated the top from the 1st floor and the bottom from the gorund floor). The cat then chose to descend right through the centre of the tree from top to bottom, mangling it as she went!!