Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas!

*To the tune of Happy Birthday*

Happy Christmas to you
Happy Christmas to you
Happy Christmas to everyone
Happy Christmas to you

Hope everyone's all ready for Christmas. We are, except that we can't put presents under the tree because Rosie will eat them/play with them/unwrap them/generally destroy them. Apart from that, we're all ready. Ocado delivered Christmas lunch on Monday evening (where would I be without Ocado?? Probably still trying to find a parking space in Sainsbury's...).

Rana is back to normal, which is a relief because I was beginning to fear for my safety after her bout of leaping all the way in from the field.

Dawson is her usual laid back "bruiser cat" self (I call her Bruiser Cat because if she was a person, she'd be a bouncer!).

Rosie is her usual pesky self. She stole smoked trout off Glenn's plate last night. Ooops. She enjoyed it anyway.

I probably won't post for a while, as I don't tend to use the laptop at home.

So if I don't hear from you before, I shall say Happy New Year as well.

Have a good one
Kate x


MizFit said...

HAPPY HAPPY AND MERRY MERRY (not sung. caint sing :)) back atcha.

Fat4Now said...

Happy New Year
Heres to a 2009 where we hit goal :)