Monday, 5 January 2009

A belated Happy New Year

Ok, so I'm a few days late, but only just got back to work and the computer (I use a PC so much at work, that when I'm at home, I tend to avoid it like the plague!).

Hope everyone had a fab Christmas and New Year.

We certainly did. Fell off the wagon rather badly over the festive period, but straight back on it (strangely) on New Years Eve. Glenn was on call, so no drinking for him, and it seemed a bit sad to be drinking by myself, so I stuck to the orange squash too.

Sneak preview on home scales is hovering between 1 and 2lb gain. I'm on kickstart though, and hoping to lose it all in time for a stay-the-same on Thursday. Fingers crossed please!

Got some great Christmas presents - loads of box sets of ER and Third Watch, some games for my DS, couple of books, an electronic photo frame (been after one for a while) and some spending money (bought a handbag and another game for my DS).

Animal wise, they're all mad. Rana's been a lunatic since being on joint supplements. It's great that she's feeling well, but does it HAVE to involve leaping around like an idiot and narrowly missing my head?? She's been an indoor horse for 2 days now. I put her out yesterday morning, and in an hour, she'd only moved 6 feet from the gate and was standing there looking miserable, so I got her in again. Then it snowed last night, so she couldn't go out today (she doesn't cope well with snow).

Dawson is currently being a wimp. She's only going out for 2 minutes at a time, sometimes less if something scares her (yesterday it was some perfectly normal well behaved children walking past, today it was a cat fight way off on the other side of the estate). I helped her chase off a large tabby cat last week, so she felt brave for a couple of days.

Rosie is being amusing. She got a flying chicken for Christmas (don't ask - it's like a catapult thingy and it makes a noise when it hits the ground). She likes to play with it during the night, so we get woken up by a cock-a-doodle-do noise. I've put it away now. She's also got a new game - fetch. I've never known a kitten play fetch. It has to be with a piece of paper, and has to be played on the bed. Throw paper, Rosie runs off to catch it, then brings it back onto the bed. Cute eh? Not at 3am it's not. But if you don't play, she tries to stuff the paper in your mouth or ear. Boxing Day night, Glenn was away, so I had this for the entire night. Scrumple, rustle, miaow, purr, scrumple, rustle.

Got my new cooker yesterday, which I'll be christening tonight with a 6.5 point smoked haddock risotto. Yum! New bedroom furniture arriving tomorrow - very exciting, we've been waiting for almost 3 months now!!!!

Best stop now, and go and do some work/eat lunch....

Kate x

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wildeone said...

Happy New Year to you too! And all the best for WI!