Friday, 16 January 2009

Lost another...

1lb last night! Woohoo! Takes me into the next stone bracket. Unfortunately it also means I lose a point *sulk*. Still, it's all good really.

Didn't have a great week, so not too sure how I lost 1lb. I was hormotional (thanks to Shrinking Mel for that phrase!). So I just wanted all the wrong foods. Still, I'm over that now, and hoping for a couple of good weeks to meet the 50lb by Feb 09 challenge. 6lbs left to go.

Those jeans I bought just after Christmas, in a size 20....already feeling too big. I've only lost 2lbs since then though, so I don't think I've lost a dress size yet! Nice that they're feeling too big, but I do like my jeans to be quite fitted, and I feel like a scruff bag in these ones now :o(

Animal news -

Rana's getting new bedding tomorrow. She's not getting on with the straw and has started coughing. So we're changing to wood shavings on top of rubber matting. Unfortunately I don't have any rubber matting, so we're having to buy that too. Bank balance says Ouch.

Rosie is still insisting on playing fetch. Usually with a receipt she's found from somewhere. Does anyone know of a kitten who plays fetch??? I really should video her and put her on YouTube.

Bruiser Cat proved that she is in fact Wimpish Cat. Last night, an Interloper Cat came in through the cat flap. While we were in bed. Normally this would provoke much yowling from Dawson, but she hid under the bed and growled. As she often growls at Rosie, we didn't think anything of it. Until I went down this morning and found a large tabby cat hiding under the heater. I don't think it was impressed at having been trapped in our house all night! (Cat flap is set to "in only" so Rosie doesn't escape.) Wimpish Cat hasn't been persuaded downstairs yet. She even had to have her breakfast upstairs on the landing.

By contrast, Rosie bounced down after a few minutes and demanded I play fetch. No Rosie, I do not play fetch at 5.30am. So she got bored and climbed up the back of the stairs for fun (open plan staircase, she climbs up the back of each stair instead of running up like normal cats).

Will I ever find a normal animal?????


Anonymous said...

We've had two cats in our family in the past who play fetch!!

Kate said...

Thank God for that, I was beginning to wonder if I had acquired a puppy by mistake lol