Friday, 23 January 2009

WI result

Went to WI last night, feeling rather nervous. I had 2 take aways last week. I pointed them, and cut back on the other days accordingly, and earned some bonus points, but I was worried anyway.

I needn't have been - I lost 1.5lbs. I was very pleased with that! 45.5lbs in total now, so on track to get my 50lb certificate by my birthday (end Feb).

Strangely, it's looking like I might have dropped ANOTHER dress size. Not sure how or why, but my new clothes (bought 3lbs ago, just after Christmas) are definitely getting too big. Looks like another shopping trip could be in order...after pay day that is.

Rana seems quite happy on her new bedding, which is good, and she's definitely coughing less than she was. I'm enjoying it as there's less of it to move about and sort through! She's been acting like a 3 year old again. If any horsey people are reading this, I strongly recommend Devils Claw. Rana was 2/10 lame with her arthritis, but is now completely sound and normal, fly bucking her way around the field and generally throwing tantrums if I'm "late" getting her in.

Rosie excelled herself this morning. I left my car keys on the table as normal. While I was de-horsifying myself in the bathroom, she stole my keys and hid them in her cat igloo. It took me half an hour of searching before I could find them. She is not popular.

Dawson isn't enjoying this wet weather, and has resorted to sitting on the door step looking at the rain, and sulking. No watching the ivy mice in this weather! I think she just does it to see if someone will call the RSPCA to come and rescue her. You can almost see her little mind working "Hmm, if I sit here, and get a bit wet, and look hungry, maybe I'll be rescued and I won't have to cope with That Kitten any more". I don't think her plot is working....

Congrats to Bryher who reached her goal weight this week! We're all proud of you!

Kate x

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