Friday, 28 November 2008

2lb loss

Had a good WI last night and lost 2lbs, taking my total to 37.5lbs. So only 2.5lbs to go for my 40lbs, and 4.5 for my 3rd stone. Can every one send me extra will power and cross fingers that I can do 4.5lbs before Christmas. I would love to get that 3rd stone before the end of the year! Only 3 more WI's for me though, so will need a couple of big losses to make it.

Didn't do anything different to last week, but I'm not complaining, just going to keep doing what I'm doing, it's working.

Cats mad as ever - Dawson is convinced the ivy mice are back, and is spending her days on the shed roof. Rosie is still tearing off wallpaper and playing with the toilet roll, plus sitting in the bathroom sink miaowing until you turn the tap on. She then drinks from it, plays with it, soaks you in water, purrs, and wanders off again. She does have fresh drinking water, so I don't know what the obsession is with the bathroom sink. The trouble is....we're planning to get the bathroom done soon (whole new suite etc), and we'd like mixer taps. Of course these go on and off with the flick of a can see where this is leading, can't you?

Had mad horse last night too. Her field mate had come in earlier than she did (unusual, as I'm often first to arrive). Rana wasn't a happy pony. She had to gallop round shouting at me for being late (I wasn't), and skidded to a halt 2 inches from the end of my toes. I'm so pleased she knows where her feet are, or I might be typing this from my hospital bed. I dread the day she mis-judges the slippery mud though. It could be painful.

Quiet day at work today, due to the stock take. It should have been done last night, ready for me to enter new data today. So I cleared all my other work so I could focus purely on the stock data. It hasn't been done, and is being done now. I leave work in 45 minutes. I don't think it's going to get done. Oh well, early start on Monday then!!

Thanks to everyone who's commented on my blog - sorry I don't always get a chance to reply.

Steak n Jackets tonight (see recipe on Spyfox's blog). Glenn's favourite, and mine too!!

Cat lovers - you will LOVE this link: If you can get past the stupid text spelling in babytalk (you'll see what I mean), this is really very funny. I am ashamed to say that I am now on page 76 and still giggling away....

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Will someone please tell me...

How to stop Rosie from scratching the wallpaper off the wall, and running off with it in her mouth? I give up.

She's also had 2 more Andrex Puppy moments.

Still, on the plus side, she's also being overly cute while it's cold. She likes to sleep under the duvet with us, in between us, with her head on the pillow. She came and snuggled under the blanket with us last night too, while we were watching TV.

Rana doesn't want to be in the field, she keeps standing at the gate and calling to everyone who walks past, to see if they'll bring her in. They won't, so now I feel like a mean mummy leaving her out there in the freezing cold (she's well rugged so don't worry about her!).

Dawson's refusing to go out, and leaves the house for a whole 30 seconds at a time. It's obviously far too cold for her, despite her thick winter coat. She's taken over Rosie's cat bed completely now, and walks up and bashes Rosie if she's in there. She was playing like a lunatic last night - chasing boot laces, stealing Rosie's ball, the pair of them chasing each other up and down the stairs. Nightmare.

Having a good WW week so far, so fingers crossed for a good loss this week. Finding some lovely recipes to do in both the "Cook" book, and the "Shop and Cook" book - both from WW. Glenn loved the pasta with creamy peppered steak I made last night. I've even found a low point toad in the hole recipe, so I'm trying that at the weekend!

Friday, 21 November 2008

0.5lb off

Well I think my bad week last week has caught up with me. I only lost half a pound last night. I'm a bit disappointed, but at least it was a loss. I don't feel too bad about it.

So, plan of action - keep doing what I'm doing, get back to walking on a Sunday (I didn't last week as I felt so ill), get some scales to weigh my ingredients with when I'm cooking. Otherwise, just keep plodding on and see how next week's WI goes.

Also going to try on my size 22 jeans this weekend. I've only lost 7.5lbs since I bought them, so I'm really not sure they'll fit yet, but my 24's are getting big and baggy now, so I think it's worth a try at least.

Rana isn't enjoying these dark mornings, and has to be dragged to the field every day. Still, it has to be done. I tried to tie her up outside her stable while I cleaned her bed, but she ended up scrapping with the horse next door. Best not try that again!!

Dawson is being all cute and cuddly as it gets colder. She goes out for a while 5 minutes at a time. In fact, the other day, I timed it as 1 minute 30 seconds. Honestly!

Rosie is being mad. On Saturday, she climbed up the curtain. She got halfway up and realised she was stuck. She ended up hanging on by one claw, before plopping down onto the conveniently placed dining table. She's also developed a love for toilet roll. As in "Andrex puppy" moment. AARGH. With a brand new roll I'd just put on. Twice. Pics will follow *sigh*.

Keep forgetting to recommend a film we rented a couple of weeks ago. It's called "A complete history of my sexual failures" and it is hysterical! Not for the prudish, but if you're reasonably open minded it's very very funny.

Friday, 14 November 2008

1lb off and photo overload!

Ok, so my bad week wasn't as bad as I thought it might have been. I lost 1lb this week, bringing my total loss up to 2 1/2 stone. I'm pleased with that!!

Going to be extra good this week though, in case it all catches up with me.

Some pics for you:

Me, ready to go out last weekend. 'Fraid I don't have a before pic for comparison (the pic on my profile is an old one from a couple of years ago).

Rosie, trying to steal water from Glenn's glass. For anyone who's worried about her, yes, she does have fresh water available from a cat bowl!

Dawson relaxing in Rosie's cat bed. It's a bit small for her really, but she likes to squash herself into it.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A bad week

Well, I am really not having a good WW week....

Thurs and Fri - saved 3 points from each day for dinner out on Sat.

Sat - went to Pizza Express, ate far too much! Worked out points at approx 30, so 1 under my (saved) allowance.

Sun - went to Asda and got 2 new tops from George. In a size 22. I was pretty pleased with that, as it means I've dropped another dress size, at least off the top.

Later Sun - started feeling terrible (flu) and decided I needed a takeaway. Talked myself into having WW pizza instead. Then had a large bag of Blockbuster Popcorn. Could have been worse, was probably just within points (too ill to track).

Mon - couldn't resist the takeaway any longer, had Fish n Chips. Wish I hadn't.

Tues - wasn't too bad, but was slightly over points.

Today - being good! I should be within points, and at least I'm now feeling better and more able to resist temptation.

So, in my defence, I did walk up to Asda instead of driving, so probably earned 5 activity points.

Can everyone please cross their fingers for me to have an STS this week. I REALLY don't want a gain!!

Here's my line:


Starting afresh from tomorrow morning, with this week forgotten about.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Lost again!

Well once again, I lost 3lbs. And once again, I am in total shock. Not that I'm complaining of course, long may it continue!

I ate nearly all my points - saved 3 over the week for emergencies (ie, a Galaxy Ripple mmmmm), but this is what I do every week. Thats 3lbs lost for 3 weeks in a row. That's nearly a stone in a month!

Anyway, I'd love to share some weird and wonderful weight loss wisdom with you all, but I have to say, just follow the plan. It works. It took a while to get started, but now it seems to be falling off me.

Good luck for a good WW week
Kate x

Monday, 3 November 2008

New hair!

Well, it's been an eventful weekend.

Arrived at the yard on Saturday morning to find that we're moving to the winter fields (higher up so dryer, more grass). So much panicking and finding the yard owner to check which field I'm supposed to be using. Have to give Rana her anti-worming paste. Rana thinks I'm trying to kill her and tries to kill me instead. Eventually shove the syringe in her mouth, when she decides that my preferred method of "horse-icide" is poisoning, and refuses to accept any polo's as a reward.

Bring her out of her stable, where she bounces across the yard, skids on the concrete and stands there snorting. Lead her to the field in her best prancey trot. Try to avoid the flying feet when she realises she has plenty of grass to eat and new surroundings to check out. Avoid the flying feet, but not the flying head when she rears up while I'm trying to take her headcollar off. Cue rope burns. Ow.

Eventually get headcollar off without further injury, and beat a strategic retreat behind the closed gate, where I watch her gallop round for 20 minutes non stop, before giving up and sorting her stable out. Apparently she spent the entire day charging round like a 3 year old. I give up.

So then off to the hairdressers (after de-horsey-fying myself of course). Discuss my new hair cut, hair dresser does a great job, leave salon feeling great. Arrive home feeling great, loving new hair. Potter about a bit, feeling miffed that Glenn isn't there to see it.

Then off out in the rain to sort Rana out for the night. Within 10 minutes, my hair was wrecked! Hanging in sodden little strands, rather like a drowned rat. £50 on a hairstyle that lasted 2 hours!!!!! (Ok, I know the cut will last longer, but still...)

Drag Rana in from the rain, when a friend wanders round and asks if I'll help her get in another friends horse (don't ask) because she feels sorry for him. Go for a walk up to the field with her - now, 6 months ago, I did this exact walk, and was puffing from halfway up the hill. Now, I did the whole walk, there and back, without getting out of breath. I even went back up and got Rana's field friend in because she was on her own and fretting. Still not puffing. So that felt pretty good, even if it did mean I got even more drenched!!

Back home to get into my nice warm, dry, PJ's and order a (pointed) Domino's pizza online. Attempt to sort hair out.

Dragged Glenn into town to get some straighteners on Sunday. My hair just looks awful without straightening. And I made him walk too! I was so motivated by my fitness NSV on Saturday, that instead of driving to Pets at Home, then into town, I made Glenn leave the car at Pets at Home and walk into town. It isn't far, only about half a mile, but all uphill on the way there. I was just a little bit out of breath, but could still walk and talk without too much bother. I was pretty chuffed with that!!

Anyway, I've done my hair properly today and it looks fab! Pics will follow, probably at the weekend.

Rosie and Dawson are both fine, just their usual selves hence no real update on here. Rosie loves my new hair, and spent 5 minutes sitting on my shoulder sniffing and chewing my head this morning. Oh well, she'll grow out of it I suppose.

Having another clothes disaster at the moment, since my size 24 jeans no longer fit. I don't know exactly how I can outshrink them in a week, but there we are. I tried washing them (you know what jeans are like, wash them and they shrink back again), but no joy. I have a good inch spare around the waist. They stay up, but they're definitely baggy. Good job I bought the next size down! Sadly, my new tops are also getting a bit big, but with the belt, I can make them last a little longer.

More updates later in the week! Sorry for ultra long post....(and a cup of tea with a WW friendly biscuit to anyone who made it to the bottom!)