Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Will someone please tell me...

How to stop Rosie from scratching the wallpaper off the wall, and running off with it in her mouth? I give up.

She's also had 2 more Andrex Puppy moments.

Still, on the plus side, she's also being overly cute while it's cold. She likes to sleep under the duvet with us, in between us, with her head on the pillow. She came and snuggled under the blanket with us last night too, while we were watching TV.

Rana doesn't want to be in the field, she keeps standing at the gate and calling to everyone who walks past, to see if they'll bring her in. They won't, so now I feel like a mean mummy leaving her out there in the freezing cold (she's well rugged so don't worry about her!).

Dawson's refusing to go out, and leaves the house for a whole 30 seconds at a time. It's obviously far too cold for her, despite her thick winter coat. She's taken over Rosie's cat bed completely now, and walks up and bashes Rosie if she's in there. She was playing like a lunatic last night - chasing boot laces, stealing Rosie's ball, the pair of them chasing each other up and down the stairs. Nightmare.

Having a good WW week so far, so fingers crossed for a good loss this week. Finding some lovely recipes to do in both the "Cook" book, and the "Shop and Cook" book - both from WW. Glenn loved the pasta with creamy peppered steak I made last night. I've even found a low point toad in the hole recipe, so I'm trying that at the weekend!


Fat4Now said...

creamy peppered steak is yum :)

Kate said...

It's very yum - even though I swapped porcini mushrooms for button mushrooms, and added beef stock and worcester sauce.