Friday, 28 November 2008

2lb loss

Had a good WI last night and lost 2lbs, taking my total to 37.5lbs. So only 2.5lbs to go for my 40lbs, and 4.5 for my 3rd stone. Can every one send me extra will power and cross fingers that I can do 4.5lbs before Christmas. I would love to get that 3rd stone before the end of the year! Only 3 more WI's for me though, so will need a couple of big losses to make it.

Didn't do anything different to last week, but I'm not complaining, just going to keep doing what I'm doing, it's working.

Cats mad as ever - Dawson is convinced the ivy mice are back, and is spending her days on the shed roof. Rosie is still tearing off wallpaper and playing with the toilet roll, plus sitting in the bathroom sink miaowing until you turn the tap on. She then drinks from it, plays with it, soaks you in water, purrs, and wanders off again. She does have fresh drinking water, so I don't know what the obsession is with the bathroom sink. The trouble is....we're planning to get the bathroom done soon (whole new suite etc), and we'd like mixer taps. Of course these go on and off with the flick of a can see where this is leading, can't you?

Had mad horse last night too. Her field mate had come in earlier than she did (unusual, as I'm often first to arrive). Rana wasn't a happy pony. She had to gallop round shouting at me for being late (I wasn't), and skidded to a halt 2 inches from the end of my toes. I'm so pleased she knows where her feet are, or I might be typing this from my hospital bed. I dread the day she mis-judges the slippery mud though. It could be painful.

Quiet day at work today, due to the stock take. It should have been done last night, ready for me to enter new data today. So I cleared all my other work so I could focus purely on the stock data. It hasn't been done, and is being done now. I leave work in 45 minutes. I don't think it's going to get done. Oh well, early start on Monday then!!

Thanks to everyone who's commented on my blog - sorry I don't always get a chance to reply.

Steak n Jackets tonight (see recipe on Spyfox's blog). Glenn's favourite, and mine too!!

Cat lovers - you will LOVE this link: If you can get past the stupid text spelling in babytalk (you'll see what I mean), this is really very funny. I am ashamed to say that I am now on page 76 and still giggling away....


Fat4Now said...

Positive Mental Attitude

You have done so fantastic.
You CAN and WILL do this and you WILL shed 4.5 lbs before Christmas.

You know you can do it, i know you can do it. All the readers of your blog know you can do it.

So keep positive be determined and give us some more inspiration.
You're doing fantastic
keep it up :)

Kate said...

Thanks :o) Nice to know someone has confidence in me lol.

No, seriously, you're absolutely right - I can do it, I AM doing it! No reason I can't continue the way I am :o)