Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A bad week

Well, I am really not having a good WW week....

Thurs and Fri - saved 3 points from each day for dinner out on Sat.

Sat - went to Pizza Express, ate far too much! Worked out points at approx 30, so 1 under my (saved) allowance.

Sun - went to Asda and got 2 new tops from George. In a size 22. I was pretty pleased with that, as it means I've dropped another dress size, at least off the top.

Later Sun - started feeling terrible (flu) and decided I needed a takeaway. Talked myself into having WW pizza instead. Then had a large bag of Blockbuster Popcorn. Could have been worse, was probably just within points (too ill to track).

Mon - couldn't resist the takeaway any longer, had Fish n Chips. Wish I hadn't.

Tues - wasn't too bad, but was slightly over points.

Today - being good! I should be within points, and at least I'm now feeling better and more able to resist temptation.

So, in my defence, I did walk up to Asda instead of driving, so probably earned 5 activity points.

Can everyone please cross their fingers for me to have an STS this week. I REALLY don't want a gain!!

Here's my line:


Starting afresh from tomorrow morning, with this week forgotten about.

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