Monday, 3 November 2008

New hair!

Well, it's been an eventful weekend.

Arrived at the yard on Saturday morning to find that we're moving to the winter fields (higher up so dryer, more grass). So much panicking and finding the yard owner to check which field I'm supposed to be using. Have to give Rana her anti-worming paste. Rana thinks I'm trying to kill her and tries to kill me instead. Eventually shove the syringe in her mouth, when she decides that my preferred method of "horse-icide" is poisoning, and refuses to accept any polo's as a reward.

Bring her out of her stable, where she bounces across the yard, skids on the concrete and stands there snorting. Lead her to the field in her best prancey trot. Try to avoid the flying feet when she realises she has plenty of grass to eat and new surroundings to check out. Avoid the flying feet, but not the flying head when she rears up while I'm trying to take her headcollar off. Cue rope burns. Ow.

Eventually get headcollar off without further injury, and beat a strategic retreat behind the closed gate, where I watch her gallop round for 20 minutes non stop, before giving up and sorting her stable out. Apparently she spent the entire day charging round like a 3 year old. I give up.

So then off to the hairdressers (after de-horsey-fying myself of course). Discuss my new hair cut, hair dresser does a great job, leave salon feeling great. Arrive home feeling great, loving new hair. Potter about a bit, feeling miffed that Glenn isn't there to see it.

Then off out in the rain to sort Rana out for the night. Within 10 minutes, my hair was wrecked! Hanging in sodden little strands, rather like a drowned rat. £50 on a hairstyle that lasted 2 hours!!!!! (Ok, I know the cut will last longer, but still...)

Drag Rana in from the rain, when a friend wanders round and asks if I'll help her get in another friends horse (don't ask) because she feels sorry for him. Go for a walk up to the field with her - now, 6 months ago, I did this exact walk, and was puffing from halfway up the hill. Now, I did the whole walk, there and back, without getting out of breath. I even went back up and got Rana's field friend in because she was on her own and fretting. Still not puffing. So that felt pretty good, even if it did mean I got even more drenched!!

Back home to get into my nice warm, dry, PJ's and order a (pointed) Domino's pizza online. Attempt to sort hair out.

Dragged Glenn into town to get some straighteners on Sunday. My hair just looks awful without straightening. And I made him walk too! I was so motivated by my fitness NSV on Saturday, that instead of driving to Pets at Home, then into town, I made Glenn leave the car at Pets at Home and walk into town. It isn't far, only about half a mile, but all uphill on the way there. I was just a little bit out of breath, but could still walk and talk without too much bother. I was pretty chuffed with that!!

Anyway, I've done my hair properly today and it looks fab! Pics will follow, probably at the weekend.

Rosie and Dawson are both fine, just their usual selves hence no real update on here. Rosie loves my new hair, and spent 5 minutes sitting on my shoulder sniffing and chewing my head this morning. Oh well, she'll grow out of it I suppose.

Having another clothes disaster at the moment, since my size 24 jeans no longer fit. I don't know exactly how I can outshrink them in a week, but there we are. I tried washing them (you know what jeans are like, wash them and they shrink back again), but no joy. I have a good inch spare around the waist. They stay up, but they're definitely baggy. Good job I bought the next size down! Sadly, my new tops are also getting a bit big, but with the belt, I can make them last a little longer.

More updates later in the week! Sorry for ultra long post....(and a cup of tea with a WW friendly biscuit to anyone who made it to the bottom!)

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mullmag said...

Well oh my! An eventful weekend for you then. It would be the fitness thing that would inspire me the most as I too get a bit breathless when walking up the hill. Post us a picture of your new hair when you can.