Friday, 19 December 2008

I did it!

Well, I managed it! Lost 1.5lbs last night, which was exactly what I needed to get my third stone. 3 stones lost since July. Best Christmas present ever!

Feeling very pleased with myself, and can now go off plan for just a few days without feeling guilty.

It was our anniversary on Wednesday, and Glenn sent me flowers and balloons to the office. It was a lovely surprise. I bought him a personalised bottle of champagne, with our names and the date on.

Cats are as mad as ever. They're off to Granny's today, for the weekend, while we're away. She's looking forward to having them there. She hasn't seen Rosie recently and has no idea of the havoc she's going to cause.

I have found a way of keeping her out of the Christmas tree though - the balloons! She's terrified of them.

Rana has been completely mental this week. She's moved to a different field, and has gone back out with her old friend who she hasn't seen for 3 months (friend was injured and on stable rest). It's all very exciting. Believe me, 500kg of horse leaping all around you while you're leading it in is just not funny. Fortunately she was a little calmer last night, so hopefully she's getting over the excitement of it all.

Helped a policeman with a loose horse this morning. Late for work, but at least horsey was safely back in his field.

In fact, best get on with some work....

If I don't blog before, have a great Christmas everyone, and all the best for 2009!

Kate x


Anonymous said...

Congrats on loosing your third stone

skinnyfitkate said...

Well done you! It wasn't so great for me this week, but I promise not to be too jealous! Three stone is a major achievement! Enjoy it. Any pictures of you now?? Before and progress would be good to see!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the loss! That is awesome, chickey!!

LOL... your cats sound hilarious. I have a CrAzY cat myself, we approprately named him Stinker, and he is living up to his name!! I think he's more dog than cat!

Sabs said...

Congrats on the loss! You are doing great!

Fat4Now said...

Merry Christmas

Ps Check blog ;)

Kate said...

Thanks everyone. Will try to get some more pics over Xmas. If I can find some clothes which aren't too big!!!!

Have a fab Christmas everyone
Kate x