Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmas kitten update

One of the reindeers has been destroyed. She chewed its antlers and legs off.

One of the hearts has been destroyed. She chewed it to bits and ate parts of it. Then left it on the bed for me to see. Lovely.

She's pulled off 2 branches, 1 string of tinsel, and all the new felt decorations. She keeps hiding in the tree and bouncing poor Dawson as she walks past.

Now even Dawson is getting involved - playing with the felt decorations, throwing them around, and refusing to go out because indoors is too much fun.

What next???

Weigh in tomorrow and I'm feeling very nervous. I think I had a good week last week, but didn't make it to WI. This week has been a very bad week, but I'm hoping for at least an STS or small loss (I think I might just scrape 1lb off). Not looking good for my Christmas goal though!

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