Monday, 27 October 2008

Silly Glenn!

Well after having had a moan at Glenn about leaving empty hangers in the wardrobe (his response was that he has "special" hangers for certain clothes....hmmm...ok, but I hang them up and don't use the "special" hangers....), he came up with a great one the other night.

At our meeting on Thursday, we were asked to think about what fruit or veg we're most like. I decided I was most like a pear (cos I'm pear shaped). Glenn thought for a while, before announcing that he's like a coconut. "Oh", I said, "Round and hairy" (well I thought it was funny!). He replied "No! Because I'm tough on the outside but soft in the middle".

To demonstrate how much weight I've lost, I bought a pair of size 26 jeans, shortly after starting WW. They fitted reasonably comfortably, if slightly loose. Glenn decided to show me exactly how much I've lost, while I was wearing them. With me in my jeans, he added both his arms down 1 leg of them! I suppose you had to be there.

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