Monday, 27 October 2008

A good shopping trip

Well, I've booked my hair appointment for next Saturday. Going for a short bob which is short short at the back, but chin length at the front, so it still frames my face. Very modern, very funky, very texturised.

Also, Glenn took me shopping this weekend, as a reward for losing both 10% and 2 stone (he's also since admitted he snuck off to buy a new X-box game as his reward for losing 3 stone, so he felt guilty that I hadn't bought anything!).

I bought loads! 2 new pairs of jeans, which fit! (I've been in my baggy 26's for too long now) Wearing my size 24's at the moment, and also bought a pair of size 22's, which go on but leave bulges in odd places. They'll be ok in 7-10lbs though, and they were on offer.

Also, a sort of dark turquiose blue lightweight jumper (I'm sure there's a technical description of the colour!), and a silver and black satin-y blouse.

To finish off the outfit, a pair of ankle length brown leather boots - sort of a light brown leather (not tan), with a faux wooden heel. Very comfy, and not too high that I'm pottering round in them. And a matching belt, which I wear over my baggy tops to pull them in round my waist lol.

I look good, I feel good, what more to say?

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