Friday, 17 October 2008

I did it!

Well, after all that agonising and stressing about WI last night, I lost 1.5lbs!! Seriously, I'm not too sure how, as I had a really bad week (within points, but still on the naughty side!).

So that's now 25lbs gone forever. I know it isn't a WW recognised mini goal, but it is for me. 25lbs gone, another 109 to go!

It also leaves me only 2lbs to go for my 10% award. I'm going to do Kickstart for a week, and hopefully get that next week. Fingers crossed please. I've got lunch out with my Gran this weekend, so I know I'm going to have 1 day over points. Not a good start is it?

Thanks everyone who's posted comments on my other posts :o)

Kate xx


mullmag said...

Hi Kate

Well done with the weightloss - I wonder how long you have being doing it and does your husband support you in all of this.

Your kittykat is a demon and looks very much like mine did about 10 years ago - she's an old lady now.

Keep it up as it may inspire me to do something about losing a couple of stone myself!

This is my first go at blogging so I don't really know how it works. I am in my 60s so forgive mistakes.

Kate said...

Hi mullmag

Have now been doing WW for 13 weeks, along with my husband. He's very supportive, if slightly depressing as he keeps losing more weight than I do! I had to drag him shopping this weekend as his clothes looked silly.

Rosie is a bit of a monster - she's been up to her tricks this weekend, so I'll be updating with animal news again later.

Good luck with losing a couple of stone - join WW, it's so easy and you can do it online from the privacy of your own home, which is good if you don't like going to meetings.