Thursday, 16 October 2008

The animals have gone mad

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, been a bit busy at work (for a change!).

So, WI tonight, and I'm feeling a little nervous. I've had a very nibbly week and just feel as though I've put on. So I'll let you know tomorrow morning....

For some reason all of the animals have been a bit strange this week. I blame the weather.

Rana was very upset with me on Saturday, as I was 2 hours late! I usually get there at 6.20am, I arrived at 8.20am. How dare I want a weekend lie in? I then stopped to talk to someone on the way to the field. She was walking circles, pushing me, and scraping the ground (she NEVER does this!). When I let her go, she galloped and leapt round the field, snorting at horse eating monsters and looking like a fire breathing dragon. She was then equally upset this morning because someone had put the outside light on, which was shining on the gate to her field. As it's dark when I put her out, it was very noticeable and she was not happy about it. Much bouncing around snorting later, she was safely in the field and my nerves were shot to s***.

Dawson is refusing to go out this week. She's like the sabre tooth tiger from the Flintstones credits (remember that??). I push her out of the door with my toe (gently I must add!), she comes straight in the cat flap 30 seconds later. Honestly. You wouldn't think she was ever a farm cat! She's also been extra affectionate and wants cuddles with Glenn, then comes to me to sleep on my lap. It's cute, but she's a BIG cat and rather heavy when she's asleep like a dead weight.

Rosie has perhaps been the strangest. Having attacked me, drawing copious amounts of blood, she seems to have had a personality change. She's been asleep round my head most nights (cute but a bit hot). She also sat on my head and did a meerkat impression trying to attack a cobweb on the ceiling (*mental note - must remove cobweb*). This morning, she wanted cuddles. Actual be picked up and have fuss sort of cuddles. Very unusual for her, as most of the time she thinks I'm a mouse to be pounced on and killed. She's also been driving Glenn mad by drinking water out of his glass so he has to get himself a fresh drink. Personally I find it funny. I think Rosie is obsessed with water, as she also likes to sit in the bathroom sink, catching drips out of the tap and waiting for you to turn the tap on so she can play with the water. Mad kitten.

Oh well, best do some work. Please send good luck vibes for WI tonight....can feel butterflies in my tummy, wait...It's lunchtime and I'm hungry!!

Kate x

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck for your WI.

The pets sound great! Mum and dad have a bengal kitten called Rosie and they are meant to love water, but she is scared of it! We once had a cat who drank from the toilet and weed in the bidet(sp). Our cats now are just a bit silly. I know what you mean about being persuasive about going out and them then coming straight back in.

Hope WI is good.