Friday, 6 March 2009

Back on track

Went to WI last night, feeling hopeful, and lost 2lbs!! I'm really pleased - lost what I'd put on during my break, and a little more. So, 48lbs gone. 1lb to get my 3.5 stone, and 2lb to get my 50lb certificate. Getting there!

Also pleased because I've lost 2 inches from my bra size - a bit frustrating, as I only got measured 2 weeks ago, so my new bra's are already too big. That seems to happen to me - I don't lose inches gradually, I don't lose anything for ages, then all of a sudden I'll lose 2 or 3 inches altogether. How strange. Now, if only my hips would catch up with the rest of me lol.

Animals - well, they're as mad as ever.

Rosie joined me in the bath the other night - literally. She was messing about and fell in. Fortunately she fell on top of me, so she only got soggy paws.

Dawson was trying to eat my miniature daffs this morning. She hasn't been out much as we're in another cold snap, so she thought it was great fun to munch the flowers.

Rana is being Rana - she likes her new feed again (went off it for a couple of days). She's in love with Democrat now, and has a complete tantrum if he comes in from the field before her.

Glenn's in the bad books at the moment. I asked him to sort out his laundry, which he duly did. I put it in the machine. 5 minutes later, the washing machine is making all sorts of grinding and clunking noises. Turn it off and investigate - and what do we find?? A large screw. Obviously from Glenn's pocket. Fortunately no lasting damage done, but that could have been expensive!!

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Daria said...

Congrats on your loss. It's time to do the dance!!