Friday, 27 February 2009

WI result

Stayed the same last night. That's ok. It was my birthday, and I overindulged a LOT. Firmly back on track now, so hoping for a good loss next week.

Am fairly chuffed though, as I bought a new top from Tesco's last weekend - in a size 18. That means I've lost 4 dress sizes from my top, and nearly 4 from my bottom (can get into a size 18 jeans, but it's a bit of a squeeze). Nearly there though!

Animals - well normal really.

Dawson is spending more time outside now it's warmer. She especially likes it if I'm pottering in the garden and she can run up and bash me, then run away again.

Rosie is being mental kitten. She crashed into the door last night with a huge bang, then did a wall of death round the sofa and used my head a launch pad for a flying leap on top of Dawson. As I said, mental.

Rana is being a princess. I've started her on a new feed. She has it in her dinner and loves it. But when I put it in her breakfast, she hates it. So now I have to chop carrots into her breakfast so she'll eat it. Spoilt brat.

Hopefully I'll be able to get in the garden this weekend, even if I just tidy up my sheds so I can find things. Earn some bonus points and get the place neat and tidy again! Then I can go and spend more money in the garden centre getting lots of pretty plants...

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