Friday, 6 February 2009


Didn't make it to weigh in this week. Horrid weather and hormones just do not mix well, and I just want to hibernate. Still, these things happen and I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I've bought myself another week to get back on track and pull back for an STS next week. Here's hoping!

Ocado cancelled my delivery on Monday, which didn't help with the food situation - I had no food! Now I know I could have popped to Asda to get something, but it just didn't quite fit with my theory of hibernation. So takeaways here we come. Oh well, line drawn, time to move on. (Ocado did turn up last night, with a free bottle of wine to apologise....nice gesture, but I don't drink red wine!)

So, the topic of the week, the weather. Well I don't think it's been that bad. The roads are still passable at 5.30am when I go to see Rana. Ok, so they've been a bit slippy, but they could be worse. I did manage to hit the neighbours car on Monday, but only doing 5mph, so no harm done. I skidded into the work car park sideways yesterday - that was fun! And drifted sideways round a roundabout this morning (didn't hit anything and stayed within the white lines).

Poor Rana hasn't left her stable since Sunday, and she's now getting very bored. Hopefully the rain will melt the snow and she'll be able to go out tomorrow. That could be fun - 5 days cooped up indoors, she's going to go loopy! Hard hat and gloves will be needed I think.

Dawson refuses to go out in this weather, so she's been snuggled up on the bed for the week. Rosie is just being an evil, demanding, little shit. She scratched my face this morning, so she is NOT in my good books.

Back to the weather (sorry, I'm rambling now), we actually had a proper snow storm this morning. I was driving through a blizzard, saw a blue flash (immediate thought was "oh shit, speed camera" before I realised I was doing well under 30mph), then my car shook and there was a huge BOOM! Thunder and lightning. Very exciting, never seen that before. I was a bit scared getting out of my car at the yard though, as it seemed very close and I just don't like being outside in thunder storms.

Oh well, an exciting week, if not a good WW week.

Hope everyone else is doing better than I am! And if anyone has any motivational tips for me, please post a comment. I need all the help I can get at the moment.

Now, where's that chocolate....

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Steph said...

hi ya

great post, we also had a minor car / black ice related incident on monday!!!!

just wanted to say thanks for the comment.

i hate those graphs as well but was just googling things about being healthy and came across it, think i may be happy to settle with being fat and being careful!!!!

rather be fat and happy than thin and miserable right??!?!?!

haha hope your ok, my weeks kinda lost the plot really think the weather has a lot to answer for!!!!
i have the urge to wear summer sandels and flip flops but think i may end up with frost bit in my toes!!! hehe xxx