Friday, 20 February 2009

My first gain

Sorry for not posting for ages. Been completely demotivated and off plan for the last 3 weeks.

So went back to WI last night, and I'd only gained 1.5lbs. Now for having been eating complete crap for 3 weeks, I'm quite pleased with that.

Back on track now, although have a "food heavy" weekend, so will be 100% back on track from Monday.

Glenn and I have started doing challenges between us. This week, we've challenged ourselves to walk round a nearby park every evening. It's a very small park, takes about 10 minutes, but that's 10 minutes more than we would do otherwise.

Next week, I think the challenge will be to stick exactly to our points every day (instead of saving 4 for meals out etc).

If anyone has any further ideas/suggestions for mini challenges, please leave a comment - all ideas welcomed!


Dawson is her usual self. She's going out more often now, as the weather has warmed up again. She keeps coming in late and missing her supper, so she's starving at breakfast time. I expect she'll learn to come home earlier...

Rosie is mad. The other day, she took the toilet roll off the holder, left the loose end in the bathroom, and rolled the rest of it......onto the landing, into the bedroom, under the bed, back out from the bed, round the bed leg, back under the bed, across to another leg, round that leg, under the bed again, and out the other side. You have no idea how long it took me to clear up after her.

Rana frightened the life out of me last week. I arrived at the stables at my normal time. Now, she knows the sound of my car, and usually calls for her breakfast as soon as she hears it. She wasn't calling. So I walked onto the yard and fed her next door neighbour (I always feed in the same order - closest first). Still no sign of Rana. Called her, no answer (usually I say "Rana, you awake?" and she whinneys back to me). Peeked over her door, couldn't see her. Turned the light on in a panic, and opened her door.

What did I find?
A very sleepy Rana, curled up in her bed, still half asleep, bottom lip drooping, and blinking in the light. So I quietly put her bucket in and left her to wake up.

In 13 years of owning Rana, I think I've found her lying down 5 times, and not once in the morning. She was obviously having a lie in. Scared me for a couple of minutes though!

Bought a couple of new tops from Tesco last week - in a size 18. Still nowhere near a size 18 jeans yet, but will try some in Evans on Sunday, as they seem to fit me the best. I think I have strange measurements, and some jeans just will not fit.

Oh well, enough contemplating dress sizes and how different they can be. Back to work!!

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Rachel said...

Dont worry about being de-motivated, i have been for a few weeks and Race for Life has got me on the band wagon again! I am going to weigh in on Monday and I can guarentee that ill out on more than 1.5lbs...
Dont give up hun x